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Applying for a home loan? Important factors to consider

Home buying experience can be an overwhelming one. Right from the house hunting process to finalising it to funding it and ultimately registering it can zap us of our energies. To ease the process of decision making while buying a house, we have put together important factors you need to consider... Read more »

Posted   on Jan 9, 2015

4 Things you should not do until your home loan is sanctioned

If you are planning to buy a home and think that your home loan application can easily get accepted by the bank, think again. While a good income is certainly a criterion for lending, a bank takes into consideration a whole lot of other things too before deciding to lend. However, some silliness on your part before making the first move can derail the most important goal of your life.... Read more »

Posted   on Dec 16, 2014

Pay off your home loan faster

Although it’s a great feeling to be a homeowner, paying a fat portion of your salary towards the EMI payment of your home loan is not the happiest feeling. And to think that you will need to keep paying this sum of money for a prolonged period of 10-15 years may feel exasperating, as the best part of your youth is over by then!Besides, the interest rate you pay the lender may actually end up making the repayment amount bigger ... Read more »

Posted   on Nov 27, 2014

6 Steps to boost your credit before you buy a home

When you are ready to buy a property, there are some tasks to be completed before you take the plunge, from a credit score perspective. Generally 750 plus Cibil score is considered a good score by a lender. “79% of the loans or credit cards disbursed are to individuals with a CIBIL TransUnion Score greater than 750,” said the website of Credit Information Bureau of India Limited, India’s leading credit score company. ... Read more »

Posted   on Nov 12, 2014

Work towards getting the best deal for your Home Loan

Often buying a home is the largest purchase we make in our lifetime and taking a home loan to finance it, is likely to be largest debt. Hence it is very essential to get the best deal to finance your home.In a competitive market scenario, the financial institutions are offering more and more consumer friendly loan options.... Read more »

Posted   on May 28, 2014

Avoiding prepayment penalty on home loans

The prepayment penalty that is applicable when the borrower decides to pay back in advance a portion of the home loan in order to reduce the interest burden in the long run is a matter concern in all home loans. ... Read more »

Posted   on May 20, 2014

Property price trends for Buying a property in Delhi / NCR


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