Types of commercial properties in India

The residential properties range from apartments to independent houses/villas, independent/builder floor to plot/land and farm house to service/studio apartment. Similarly, the commercial properties are also of various types. Commercial properties are for businesses and include apartment blocks, office building, hotels, warehouses, restaurants, shops, industrial buildings and lands etc. However, one should invest in a particul... Read more »

Posted   on Apr 29, 2013

Facts about commercial real estate loan

Commercial properties have a potential to give good returns; therefore, a lot of investors prefer commercial investments. Shopping malls, multiplexes, IT spaces and branded retail outlets are among the most popular commercial properties in India. With the mention of acquisition of a property comes about a requirement of a loan. This article talks about a few facts surrounding commercial real estate loan.... Read more »

Posted   on Apr 15, 2013

How to find a good commercial real estate agent?

Looking to buy, rent or sell a commercial property? Chances of involving a real estate agent/broker are quite high whether you use online or offline mode. A real estate agent/brokerís focused task is to seek out the best possible deal for the client. He/she assess the requirements and budget of the client and provide a number of potential deals. He/she takes care of finalizing the deal and in return demands a commission as the... Read more »

Posted   on Apr 3, 2013

Are you planning to purchase a Commercial Property?

Are you planning to purchase a Commercial Property was the question that www.makaan.com asked the investors and there was mixed response that was received. While 47% of them were affirmative in their answers, 44% straightforwardly said they would not invest in commercial property as of now. Only 8% of people said that as time goes by they might purchase a commercial property. After the survey, letís further have a look as to w... Read more »

Posted   on Mar 26, 2013

Improve your commercial office space!

One spends a great time of oneís life in office/work place; therefore, the office should be designed in such a manner that it is both comfortable and inviting for the employees. The employees should be able to spend 8-10 hours of their day in the same place without feeling monotonous, drained or bored. If the modifications of the office are done in a way that it projects positivity, the productivity and efficiency of the emplo... Read more »

Posted   on Mar 25, 2013

Lesser known factors to buy commercial property in India

Apart from market research, location, vacancy rate and targets, there are a few other factors that should be kept in mind for successful commercial ownership. Read more here:... Read more »

Posted   on Mar 14, 2013

Property price trends for Buying a property in Delhi / NCR


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