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MakaanIQ tells you why banks find debt service coverage ratio an important financial tool.

MakaanIQ explains the difference between home insurance and loan insurance.

MakaanIQ lists the benefits and disadvantages of getting a higher loan amount sanctioned.

MakaanIQ lists 6 things that may hinder your home loan application approval.

Insuring your home will pay dividends in case of an accident or natural disaster.

Planning to buy a property and want to know which payment plan will suit you best? MakaanIQ lists...

Your investment purpose decided what you should look for while a home.

Facts you need to know if you are taking a home loan.

Getting a home loan is integral to home-owning drill. MakaanIQ poses five basic questions to help...

MakaanIQ highlights some common smart home décor items you must consider when decorating your home.

MakaanIQ take a look at a few ways in which you can decorate your own outdoor living room.

MakaanIQ tells you all that you need to know about home loan insurance.

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